Philadelphia bars honor Pope's visit with crazy specials on booze

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Philadelphia bars and restaurants are preparing for Pope Francis' arrival the only way they know how: by seeing who can offer the tackiest deal or special during his visit to attend the 2015 World Meeting of Families.


Establishments are advertising their offerings on social media using the #OpeninPHL hashtag. Ostensibly, the hashtag is supposed to be used to let residents know which local eateries are going to brave the crowds and stay open through the Pope's visit.

In practice, many restaurants are using it to announce their Pope-themed specials:

Bars are even more excited, as website DrinkPhilly found more than 11 bars offering pope-related drink specials this weekend. Highlights include the "Pope Up Beer Garden" at the aptly-named The Bishop's Collar and "Popeapalooza" at Morgan's Pier.

Some other interesting drink specials include Popetinis:


And "Holy Water Shots" (actually just tequila):

Not every business advertising a Pope deal is a bar or restaurant.


I don't think the pope's much of a bowler. He's more of a soccer guy.