Philly police are making bad PSAs using old 'Saved by the Bell' clips

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When they aren't uploading security footage to YouTube, the Philadelphia Police Department is adding PSAs. One recent example of the form mysteriously and confusedly "borrows" an anti-drug PSA from a 1991 episode of Saved by the Bell.

We cannot stress how much we love this video: The lazy execution of simply pasting commissioner Charles Ramsey's face over then-NBC-president Brandon Tartikoff's; the terrible audio quality of Ramsey's ADR work; and the blatant copyright infringement are too great to ignore. PPD knows exactly what they're doing here: appeal to '90s kids who probably determined a decade ago what they thought about illegal drugs.


Co-sign, PPD. Next steps: getting to work on that pesky, rising crime rate.

[h/t The AV Club]

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