Photos: These people know how to do crazy sh*t with tulips

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Did you know that tulips have been a symbol of national pride for Turkey long before they were ever associated with the Netherlands? And that both countries have, at various points in their histories, experienced a "tulip mania," during which the price per bulb skyrocketed and subsequently plummeted like some Renaissance-era dotcom bubble because tulips were basically the original websites? Did you know that TULIPS ARE AMAZING?

We do — at least now we do, after looking at the following photos from the Istanbul Tulip Festival (or, Istanbul Lale Festivali in Turkish). Every year since 2006, the local government has planted millions of bulbs in public spaces all over the city so that come April, citizens will basically be swimming in a sea of tulips once they step outside. Check it out.


#istanbul'da #Lalefestivali 🌷🌷

— Nihal Blhrl (@NBalahorli) April 13, 2015


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