The boys are back (to back). (via AP)

Piers Morgan, the renowned British TV troll, has made himself well-known for his anti-feminist and transphobic takes and, most recently, as a Donald Trump super-fan.

But he showed that he would indeed do anything for that love on Friday, when he repeatedly tweeted a graphic cartoon image of himself eating Trump’s ass on Twitter. Feast your eyes and prepare to bleach your brain:

Take some extra time to study the myriad delights of this image: the surprised-but-not-in-a-bad-way look in the spray tan hollow around Trump’s eyes and Morgan lovingly supporting his feet, among others!

The image came from the BBC satirical news show The Mash Report, where correspondent Rachel Parris joked that Trump’s and Morgan’s body language during a softball interview this week “hinted at a greater intimacy between the two men,” before flashing to the cartoon image of Morgan quite gingerly going to town on the president of the United States.


This treatment clearly touched a nerve, as Morgan responded by tweeting the image four times by late afternoon.

Just incredible.

Although the British talking head insisted he was NOT embarrassed by the image—instead saying that he gets the joke and is attempting to call out the “hypocrisy” of the BBC—Morgan did his part to spread the image of himself attached to Trump like a Human Centipede far and wide.


How should we feel about all this? I think Piers himself said it best:

Or perhaps even more appropriately: