Please Enjoy Bernie Sanders Shutting Jake Tapper Down Over Medicare for All

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Bernie Sanders came out swinging for Medicare for All and against CNN’s prime dipshit Jake Tapper, attacking him for asking questions that he said were “Republican talking points.”

Tapper asked Elizabeth Warren repeatedly whether her Medicare for All plan would raise taxes on the middle class, even while noting that would be “offset” by paying less in premiums and other health costs. (Which makes you wonder why he was harping on the question so much, if he recognized it doesn’t matter!)

Turning to Bernie Sanders, Sanders noted that his bill would eliminate deductibles, and then added: “And Jake, your question is a Republican talking point, at the end of the day.”


Sanders also pointed out that the healthcare industry would be advertising tonight on CNN. The Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, an anti-single-payer coalition of health insurers, drug companies and hospitals, announced it would run ads tonight against Medicare for All.

Tapper’s dogged questioning on this point, framed entirely in a way that reflects conservative assumptions and, yes, Republican talking points, reflects how rotten the faux-objective stance in media is. Harping on whether the bill would raise taxes because he knows that taxes are politically unpopular—that’s how hard Republicans have worked the refs.