Please Enjoy the Exact Moment Boris Johnson Gets His Ass Handed to Him

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Britain is careening headfirst into a Brexit shitstorm, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a racist wanker who looks like Donald Trump on an all-milk diet. But for a brief, glorious moment on Tuesday, things seemed like they might be looking slightly up after the country’s Supreme Court unanimously handed Johnson his ass, ruling that his attempt to shut down Parliament earlier this month was unlawful.

Noting how unusual the unanimous decision against Johnson’s maneuver—known as “prorogation”—was, UK Supreme Court President Lady Brenda Hale explained “the question arises in circumstances which have never arisen before and are unlikely to arise again.”

Hale then delivered the body blow to Johnson’s plan to ram through his Brexit agenda by curtailing Parliament’s time to meet, saying the court has concluded his the plan was “unlawful, void and of no effect.”


“This means that the order in council to which it led was also unlawful, void and of no effect should be quashed,” Hale concluded.

Predictably, Johnson was not happy, telling reporters he “strongly disagreed” with the decision, and reiterating his vow to “deliver Brexit on October 31st.”


Reactions among members of Parliament were mixed, with pro-Brexit MP Andrew Bridgen calling the decision “the worst possible outcome for our democracy,” while former Conservative MP Dominic Grieve said he wasn’t surprised by the ruling “because of the gross misbehavior by the prime minister.”


Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn responded to the verdict by demanding Johnson resign.


According to Hale’s ruling, both houses of Parliament can now take “immediate steps” to begin governing again, which means the Houses of Lords and Commons could be back in session as early as tomorrow.

And while the UK’s Brexit catastrophe is far from over, it’s genuinely delightful to see Johnson get publicly called out and smacked down for being an irredeemable goblin who’s entire tenure as prime minister has been failure after failure. We, in the United States, should only be so lucky.

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