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Exciting news, gang! Entertainment Weekly dropped the latest photo from the upcoming Power Rangers movie. It features the team in full drag armor, clearly taking a page out of Iron Man’s book. And look! We're thrilled to report that, this time, the female Rangers have ditched their customary skirts (which they wore in case you forgot that pink and yellow are girly colors, for girls). We did it! Feminism finally won! Okay, everyone, thanks for all you've done for the cause—have a good life!


Before you get too carried away with celebrating this small victory, there’s just one little thing. If you take a close look at the Rangers’ footwear, you might notice that the Pink Ranger and the Yellow Ranger (women) have something that the Red, Black, and Blue Rangers (men) do not.


Fucking. Wedges. 


Normally, high heels serve an aesthetic purpose, elongating the wearer's legs or sexing up their walk. Unfortunately, the Power Rangers' wedges are hideous, and they can't make much of an impact on the appearance of someone's calves if those calves are encased in steel. (Don't even get me started on the female Power Rangers' bizarrely perky metal boobs.)

Last year, writer Julianne Ross gave us a precious, awareness-raising gift in Action Heroines in Wildly Inappropriate Shoes, her aptly titled Tumblr. But more and more female characters are still forced to wear ridiculous footwear when literally saving the world.


Wonder Woman wore them.


Supergirl wore them.


Black Widow wore them.

Don't mind Joss Whedon.

Sif (from Thor) wore them.


Sure, I suppose it's a bare-minimum form of progress that these characters aren't limited to stilettos anymore. It's almost like wedges and chunky heels have become symbols of empowerment for women in the action genre—or, more accurately, symbols of slightly less oppression.

It's no exaggeration to say that wedges, like any high-heeled shoes, are health risk. Their rigid footbeds can actually disrupt the “biomechanics of walking.” That steep angle puts unnecessary pressure on the metatarsal bones. Considering that high heels in general were the cause of 19,000 injuries in 2011, why not choose a flatter sole for running, fighting, and—in the Power Rangers' case—getting into a pyramid formation?


Just saying: If the Power Rangers were really the team players they'd like us to believe that they are, they’d all be wearing wedges.

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