Please Stop Sending This Man Dick Pics

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I start this blog with a humble request to you, dear reader: Whatever you do, please do not, I REPEAT DO NOT, send Republican congressional candidate Joey Saladino a picture of a penis.

I understand how difficult my ask may be for some of you. I mean, all the requisite factors are in place: a YouTuber famous for his racist videos-turned congressional hopeful who wore a swastika to a Trump rally as a “meme”; a freely given number at which to purportedly contact him; dicks just waiting to be pic’d...but again, I must implore you: do not send a picture of yours or anyone else’s hog to this man.


I don’t know why Saladino—the sort of person who seems extremely proud of the fact that he drank, but did not swallow his own urine (a semantic difference he is eager to stress)—shared his personal phone number to his more than 100,000 Twitter followers. Personally, it seems like kind of a questionable decision to me, but then again I’m not trying to reach the voting public of New York’s 11th Congressional district.

I’ve reached out to Saladino’s campaign (via his website, not the number he shared—don’t want my message to get lost among all those dick pics!) to see why he made his phone number public, and for an estimate on just how many dick pics he’s gotten so far. I will update this story if he responds.


In the meantime, I leave this blog the way I started it: With a request that no matter how tempting it may seem, you do not send Joey Saladino a dick pic. It’s done. It’s over. No more.