Please watch this beautiful video of Mike Pence getting booed when he goes to 'Hamilton'

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Mike Pence—a man who, before he became vice president-elect, was most famous for his long, consistent, and virulent record of extreme animus towards LGBTQ people, had the audacity to go to a Broadway show on Friday. That's right—he really tried to go to a queer mecca like he was someone other than himself. What's more, Pence went to see "Hamilton," a show currently being fronted by an HIV-positive gay man who, if Mike Pence had his way, would see money for his medical treatment tied to groups which would try to force him to become straight.

So naturally, when the "Hamilton" crowd saw Mike Pence walking to his seat, people started booing.

Here's a video of it.


And at the end of the show, the cast got on stage, essentially told Mike Pence that they hoped attending the theater had made him a little less bigoted, and raised some money for HIV/AIDS.

Beautiful, isn't it? Such sweet sounds! A bad man getting what he deserves, and then getting called out in front of everyone! Well, not according to two top writers for the New York Times, who pronounced themselves very, very concerned that decorum and civility were not being adhered to by the booing audience.


Heaven forbid that someone who has is not only a sworn enemy of queer rights but is also a raging extremist when it comes to women's rights should encounter even a modicum of resistance when he goes to Broadway, of all places. Politicians can destroy lives over and over again through their actions, but there will always be someone out there demanding that we still bow and scrape. Well, too bad, New York Times! And please—if you see Mike Pence out there, please, please boo him.

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