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The Dems are reportedly preparing for a big old turd from Robert Mueller.

Politico reported on Friday that, after speaking with “[s]everal top Democratic lawmakers and aides,” the party leaders “expect absolutely nothing” from the Mueller report. Without citing or contextualizing any of its sources, the site also reported that said sources “are certain the report will be a dud.”


Of course, that doesn’t mean the Democrats, especially in the House, where they hold a majority, are not going to continue investigating the hell out of Trump’s various other skeevy enterprises and relationships. The site reported “the president’s company, security clearances, handling of classified information, decision-making in the White House and Cabinet scandals” are all potentially going to be probed by Democratic-helmed committees.

Meanwhile, James Comey landed an op-ed in the New York Times on Thursday, in which the big galoot naturally dropped three “rule of law” references (drink!) and spent the remaining 717 words droning on about how he has no clue what the report is ultimately going to reveal, which, welcome to the club, bud! Instead, Comey presented and re-presented the possible findings (Trump colluded with Russia or he didn’t) while only managing to land on one conclusion—that he really hopes the United States justice system comes out looking competent.


In terms of how much new or useful information you’d glean, I would recommend staring at a wall before reading Comey’s column. Alternatively, you can go read an actually helpful guide on that eternally-forthcoming report, which I am positive is coming any day now (perhaps even as soon as today!). Just you wait.

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