Plus-Sized Models Are "Regular" Models


You don't need us to add to the chorus of mainstream media bemoaning the prevalence of waif-thin high fashion models. But while other countries have long celebrated thicker women, the U.S. is finally starting to catch up.


A new crop of plus-size models continue to fight industry stereotypes and limited jobs, but find the field increasingly opening up. Consider, for instance, plus-size winners on shows like America's Next Top Model.

The industry still has a long way to go, though. Magazines have made nods to including larger women on their covers and in their spreads, but it's rare that they get it right. Real change will come when a wide range of women are included in ads, editorial spreads, and TV without their size being the focal point.


DNA spoke to two successful, working plus-size models, Denise Bidot and Liris Crosse, to discuss both their continued challenges and new horizons in the fashion industry. Here's what they had to say.

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