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Bobby Jindal entered the presidential race today with a tweet and a weird hidden-camera video of him talking to his family. It's not clear how effective the Louisiana Governor will be at making a splash in an already crowded field.

He's the first Indian-American to run a major campaign for the presidency and was once seen as a rising star in the Republican primary. But Jindal'sĀ already the 13th Republican in the race, and polls show him at the back of the packā€”he trailedĀ "None of the Above" in a recent Fox News poll.

While Jindal is knownĀ for his conservative Christian stances on social policy, he has more nuanced positionsĀ on other issues. Hereā€™s where JindalĀ stands on some of the most important issues of 2016:

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ā€¢ Lindsey Graham

Casey Tolan is a National News Reporter for Fusion based in New York City.