Pokémon Go players are wreaking havoc on a Toronto ferry terminal

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Despite its wild monetary success, Pokémon Go has been fraught with problems, causing injuries and even murders since its release last month. Now, the game is congesting a major traffic hub in Canada's largest city.


CTV News explains that city officials in Toronto are scheduled to meet today "to brainstorm ways to manage the many Pokémon GO players that congregate at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal," the primary access point to Toronto Island. According to CTV, 25,000 people pass through the terminal every day. (This isn't the first time Pokémon Go has caused crowding; shortly after the games release people flooded Santa Monica pier, and a rare, wild Vaporeon caused a stampede in Central Park.)

Players are congregating at Jack Layton Terminal because it contains a lot of Pokémon and Pokéstops, in-game sources of items and experience.


Last week the Toronto Star reported that the city had been in touch with Pokémon Go's developer, Niantic Labs, to ask that some of the Pokémon and Pokéstops be removed from the terminal. Whether Niantic took action is unclear. Asked whether they'd done anything about this ferry terminal in particular, the company responded with the following:

Niantic has been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response from the Pokémon GO community. That enthusiasm has led players to visit many real world locations and the company has received requests to remove some locations. We are moving quickly to review all such requests.

In the meantime, photos of hordes of players crowding the area around the ferry terminal continue to proliferate:


The meeting today in Toronto will involve officials from the terminal, city maintenance staff, and the Parks & Rec department. It may mark the first —but probably not last— time a Dratini has come up in an official city meeting.


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