Police Confirm 1 Dead, 3 More Injured in Seattle Pacific University Shooting

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A lone gunman entered the Seattle Pacific University campus and opened fire on students on the afternoon of June 5. The Seattle police department confirmed a few details on Twitter: The shooter was a white male armed with a handgun. He shot three students before being disarmed by another student while he was trying to reload his weapon. Four students were transported to the local hospital. It is unknown what injury the fourth person suffered. The Associated Press has reported that one victim is now dead. Another victim is in critical condition, and the other two are in stable condition. The campus was locked down for a couple of hours, but was reopened as of 5:30 pm PT on Thursday.


Police say the gunman is under arrest and they do not think he had an accomplice.

UPDATE: The Seattle Police Department has released a formal statement regarding the shooting.


Mayor Ed Murphy commented during a media briefing: "Once again the epidemic of gun violence has come to Seattle."

A couple of local reporters are tweeting from the area: Jon Humbert (@JonHumbert) of KOMO and Jeff Burnside (@jeffburnside), also of KOMO.


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