Police in Northern California are trading batons for nunchucks

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Officers in California's Anderson County Police District are trying something a little different to keep the streets safe. The goal: provide a small portion of the police force with a non-lethal weapon that could also subdue unruly individuals. The solution: nunchucks, apparently.


“[The nunchuks] give us the ability to control a suspect instead of striking them,” Sgt. Casey Day told KRCR news. “I see the value and the safety they bring to me."


The Anderson County PD plans on giving 20 of its officers nunchucks made by Orcutt Police Defensive Systems Inc. Unlike traditional sticks, the Orcutt models are made from two plastic bars connected by a tether that's designed to be used to restrain people.

Though the Police department is issuing the nunchuks in an effort to make its officers less threatening to innocent civilians, Day made it clear that these thing are obviously still weapons.

"These were kind of designed with a different goal in mind to be more of a control weapon, but like I said, it's not like we can't use these as an impact weapon," Day said. "They work really good as an impact weapon, but we try to emphasis a control tool over impact."

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