Police on the hunt for Florida man who headbutted bus

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Here's another one for the annals of Florida Man lore: Winter Haven police are looking for a man who they say headbutted a stationary bus so hard that he broke its glass door.

The man, who apparently can deliver a very strong headbutt, had just gotten off the bus at the station in Winter Haven, Fla., and realized he needed to travel to a different stop. He asked the bus driver to let him back on the bus; the driver informed the man that this would incur an additional $2 charge.

That is when the man—and this is happening in Florida, remember —headbutted the door of the bus, breaking said door and briefly knocking himself out, according to WESH. The man quickly regained consciousness and then ran away before he could be detained. The state wants the man to pay for repairs to the door. As of press time, it is unclear whether the man ever made it to his desired stop.


You can watch a video of the man headbutting the bus below:

Do you have any information on a Florida man who headbutted a stationary bus this past Saturday morning? Florida police are looking for a man who headbutted the stationary bus. Please contact the proper authorities if you have any information on the man who headbutted a stationary bus.

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