Photo by Phil Mislinski/Getty Images

Video footage of a uniformed officer violently slamming a student to the ground in the middle of her classroom made headlines earlier this week. Less than a month ago a lone gunman shot and killed nine people at an Oregon community college. Perhaps it's no surprise that, according to a new poll, one of parents' top concerns is the physical safety of their children during school hours.

Gallup reports that 33% of Americans worry about having their school-aged children physically harmed while in school. This number jumps to 48% when isolated to just parents with children under the age of 18.

Topping that worry in Gallup's poll are: a first place tie between having credit card information used at stores stolen by hackers and being the victim of identity theft (69%), 3. having your car stolen or broken into (40%), and 4. having your home burglarized when you're not there (39%).

The percentage of Americans concerned about their children's physical safety in schools is not on the rise; in fact, it has hovered around the low 30s for nearly a decade. But it's still kind of shocking to see that anxiety dwarf other fears like being sexually assaulted or getting murdered.


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