Poll confirms that (BREAKING!) gay Muslim socialists would have trouble seeking the Republican ticket

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In a completely unexpected turn, a new poll shows that Republican voters would likely not support a presidential candidate who is an atheist, a Muslim, a socialist, or lesbian/gay.

Gallup reports that, were the GOP to nominate a well qualified politician of various backgrounds, only 26 percent of party voters would support a socialist candidate, 45 percent would support a Muslim or an atheist candidate, and 61 percent would support a lesbian or gay candidate.


While overall more readily accepting than their Republican peers, Democratic voters weren't exactly all about that atheism/socialism. Gallup found that only 59 percent of Democratic voters would support a socialist candidate, 64 percent would support an atheist candidate, and 66 percent would support an evangelical Christian candidate.

Gallup also notes that one of the current presidential candidates seeking the Democratic nomination in 2016, independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, might run into trouble with his campaign, seeing as how he self-identifies as a democratic socialist. Then again, Obama's been called a gay Muslim atheist socialist communist (not a thing), and he's literally our president right now.

Bad at filling out bios seeks same.