Thereā€™s little doubt Pope Francis has brought some fresh air to the papacy, using a simple, plain-spoken style to recast the Vaticanā€™s views on gays, divorce and women.

Heā€™s also brought a wicked sense of humor.

Ecuador President Rafael Correa on Tuesday tweeted that Pope Francis told him a joke during a meeting that poked fun at his fellow Argentines, who have a reputation in Latin America as being arrogant and haughty.

ā€œHe told me a joke. He said everyone was surprised Ā that he chose to call himself 'Francis' because being Argentine, ā€˜people thought I would call myself Jesus IIā€™.ā€

Correa quickly followed withĀ another tweet to say he wasnā€™t dissing Argentines, justĀ relaying what the pope had told him.


ā€œA big hug to Argentina, and apologies for the joke, but it was from the Pope himself!ā€

Itā€™s not the first time Pope Francis has shown flashes of self-deprecating humor.


Last month, after he upset some Mexicans by likening drug trafficking in Argentina to the ā€œMexicanizationā€ of his home country, he sat down for an interview with Mexican television to clear the air.

He half-jokingly told the interviewer that Argentines are ā€œnot humble.ā€ He then told her a joke: ā€œDo you know how an Argentine kills himself?ā€ When the reporter responded no, he said, ā€œHe climbs to the top of his ego and then jumps off.ā€