Porsche Facing Backlash Because of a YouTube Video

Nick Murray/YouTube

Porsche, maker of luxurious and well-built automotive machines, is currently embroiled in what appears to be a public relations nightmare because of a YouTube video.

On Tuesday, Nick Murray—a New Zealand native who takes to the popular video platform to review an array of products like camera equipments and, yes, cars—uploaded a seven-minute clip where he details all of the issues he’s encountered with his Porsche 991 911. Murray notes that the German automobile is his dream car, and that he saved up five years to be able to get exactly the way he wanted. Unfortunately, it also came with what he jokingly calls “optional extras.” Among these were malfunctioning windows and frayed wiring.


In his video, Murray says that he’s taken the vehicle in for repairs multiple time, but that the situation has reached a point where Porsche—according to him— is working on putting together a “package, which is a percentage of the purchase price of the car based on what they think [Murray] would get in arbitration” instead of fully refunding him or replace his faulty vehicle with a new one. On top of that, Murray also intimates that the company has begun making “thinly veiled threats” if he refuses their offer, and as a result he’s made a YouTube video.

Why are we writing about this customer's complaints with Porsche? Because that little video you see above has gone viral. On Wednesday, Reddit user JUXTAC posted the clip to the site’s r/video category, where it’s amassed more than 4,486 karma points as of this writing and has elicited 4,884 comments, The bulk of which are decrying Porsche for how poorly they’ve handled the situation. The post also made it to Reddit's front page.

It’s not just Reddit, either. Those supporting Murray have taken to Porsche’s Facebook page and have begun leaving comments blasting them for this alleged showing of poor customer service.


For their part, Porsche has kept quiet, though we imagine they’ll soon issue a response. Fusion is currently working on obtaining comment from the automotive company.


Fidel Martinez is an editor at Fusion.net. He's also a Texas native and a lifelong El Tri fan.

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