Powerball jackpot climbs to $1.3 billion after nobody wins

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Devastated that you didn't win the record $900 million Powerball lottery on Saturday night? Well, don't worry: nobody else did either — and the next drawing could net one lucky soul an eyewatering $1.3 billion.


Yet again, it seems, the multi-state lottery has bedeviled the millions trying to strike it rich. (The odds were one in 292.2 million, so nobody should feel too bad about that.) In the meantime, sales of lotto tickets are set to climb even higher than the stratospheric heights they've already reached. How high? There were $352 million in ticket sales on Friday alone, the Associated Press reported. The New York Times said that people in New York were buying $1.7 million worth of tickets every hour on Saturday.

The next drawing is on Wednesday.