Pre-K Teachers Resign After Allegedly Zip-Tying 4-Year-Olds As Punishment

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Two Georgia prekindergarten teachers have resigned after allegations that they used zip ties to tie the hands of students as young as 4 behind their backs as a form of punishment.

WSB-TV 2 in Atlanta reported the allegations against teachers at Oak View Elementary in Dekalb County. According to the report, the incident happened on Monday. On Tuesday, a parent reportedly called the school to complain, and two days later, the school sent out a letter to parents saying the teachers had been suspended pending an investigation.

The teachers resigned on Friday.

The young students also told their parents that the teachers threatened to throw spiders on them as another form of punishment.


“She said that one teacher tied her up and the other cut it loose,” the mother of one student told a WSB reporter. “She said, ‘Mommy, I was scared to tell you because I thought I was gonna get in trouble.’”

The mother, who asked not to be identified, added: “I want them to pay. I want them to not have any license to teach because they don’t need to teach…Would they like this to happen to their own kids?”

Writer and activist Shaun King, who shared the story on Twitter, said, “The girls are 4 years old. This is the (pre) school to prison pipeline.”


The report, which can be viewed here, did not mention the teachers’ names.