President Obama Made an Odd Remark About Immigrants Today

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President Obama made an odd claim on Tuesday: he can spot immigrants by looking at them.


The president made his remark during a speech at DreamWorks Animation studio in Glendale, Calif.

“As I was getting a tour of DreamWorks, I didn't ask, but just looking at faces, I could tell there were some folks who are here not because they were born here, but because they want to be here and they bring extraordinary talents to the United States,” he said. “And that's part of what makes America special.”


Obama was speaking in favor of immigration reform, but it’s presumptuous to say that one can spot an immigrant by the way they look. Even Jan Brewer knows that.

Jordan Fabian is Fusion's politics editor, writing about campaigns, Congress, immigration, and more. When he's not working, you can find him at the ice rink or at home with his wife, Melissa.

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