President Trump Doesn’t Think He’s Lying When He’s Lying, Kellyanne Conway Explains

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Thanks to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, we might be one step closer to diagnosing what the hell is wrong with President Donald Trump.

In a heated exchange on Sunday with CNN’s Brian Stelter, Conway practically admitted that her boss, the president of the United States, is a pathological liar. But it’s not his fault, Conway implied, because “he doesn’t think he’s lying about those issues, and you know it.

She didn’t say, “He’s not lying,” because that would be an absurd claim to describe perhaps the most prolific liar in U.S. presidential history. The latest tally, at the six–month mark, is that Trump has made well over 800 false and misleading claims, according to The Washington Post.


According to The New York Times, Trump told a lie every day of his first 40 days in office.

And while it would be inappropriate for me to play armchair psychologist (by speculating, for example, that he has antisocial personality disorder), it is amusing to watch the people who have been forced to lie for Trump in these past months start to unravel, as appears to have happened to Conway on Sunday.


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