Pro-Immigrant Protesters Interrupt A Trump Rally And All He Can Say Is 'Democrat Mayor!'

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Pro-immigrant protesters interrupted Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio on Thursday night while the president questioned the party affiliation of the mayor. Just over 30 minutes into his usual rambling campaign speech, Trump started in on people in favor of “open borders.”

“Democrat [sic] lawmakers care more about illegal aliens than they care about their own constituents. They put foreign citizens before American citizens. We’re not going to do that,” Trump tells the crowd to loud boos. I’m assuming they are boos in favor of what he’s saying.

The president continues, “Five hundred-and-seventy-two people were murdered in Chicago last year.” Then he walks away from the podium.


Protesters held up signs saying “Immigrants Built America” and “Chinga La Migra” which means “Fuck border patrol” without using the cumbersome names of Immigration and Customs Enforcement or Customs and Border Protection. Another person held a banner that seems to look like prison bars.

In a video of the rally, a pro-Trump attendee tried to take the one of the protester’s banners. There were words spoken between the Trump supporters and the protester, and they didn’t seem to kind.


At some point, Trump comes back to the podium to say “Democrat mayor? Democrat mayor? Democrat—” as if to explain away the protesters. “You must have a Democrat mayor. You have a Democrat mayor?” Trump says into the podium, continuing to not use “democratic” adjective. (Is this the point? No. Is it bothering me to type out “Democrat mayor” over and over again? Yes.)

For what it’s worth, Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley is a Democrat. (It’s worth absolutely nothing.)


“Come on law enforcement,” Trump says. “Democrat mayor!”

Then one of the protesters holds up the “CHINGA LA MIGRA” banner again as they’re being escorted out, which is honestly a great way to get curse words on news networks who insist on airing his rallies.


After about four minutes, Trump walked back to the podium, and his supporters applauded as if he had actually accomplished something other than choosing to use “Democrat” instead of “Democratic.”

“Cincinnati, do you have a Democrat mayor?” he asked the crowd. “Well that’s what happens.”


Here’s video of the protest, via C-SPAN: