It’s been over 100 days since Donald Trump’s famous “I love Hispanics!” tweet, and now Latinos for Trump have co-opted the infamous “taco bowl” image in their latest push for the presidential candidate.

According to the Orange County Register, about 100 supporters attended an “Operation Taco Bowl” rally in Anaheim, CA on Sunday.


At the event, Trump supporters dressed up two mannequins to represent Hillary Clinton: one was in a medical gown, the other had a giant golden dollar sign around its neck. Behind these mannequins, attendees held signs saying “Viva Trump,” “Latinos Por Trump,” “America First Latinos," and “Blame Democrats for Slavery" as speakers went to the podium, countering claims that Trump is racist, and expressing why they personally are voting for Trump.

"I hope that today I can get to people that are in the closet and [who] do not feel the freedom to support Donald J. Trump openly like how you guys are doing,” one supporter speaking at the podium said at the start of the Right Side Broadcasting Network's video of the event. “We are not professional speakers. We are not politicians. We are just being who we are. We are being authentic, and I hope we can give the opportunity to other people to say it’s okay to support Donald Trump.”


Later, the self-identified Trump supporter continued his remarks in Spanish.

“I know that there are people who are not content with my position, but they have fear,” he said. “Donald Trump wants the best for us. He wants us to prosper.”

After his and other speakers' remarks, Trump supporters took to the nearby street, yelling “U-S-A,” “no handouts,” and “no more refugees,” between chants of “vote for Trump,” and “lock her up.”


Despite Trump's offensive remarks about Mexicans, and his anti-immigration stance, he does have some support among Latinos. As Fusion reported in June, a group called "Latinas for Trump" has been holding small events in South Florida. According to a recent Gallup poll, Trump is currently polling favorably among 21% of all Hispanics, 29% among U.S.-born Hispanics, and 13% among Hispanics born in another country.

As part of the event, Trump supporters went to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to show support using the hashtag #OperationTacoBowl.


Instagram user alynnarts captured the image of a woman holding a sign that said "This Hispanic Mexican American Latina female from Orange County is voting 4 Trump."

“LATINOS ARE REPUBLICAN; NOT DEMOCRAT,” tweeted user FranciscoMedRep.

“We exist and we are many,” wrote Instagram user claudiaxplas.


Operation Taco Bowl was covered by local papers as well as by conservative outlets like Breitbart. Instagram user officiallatinosfortrump called the lack of coverage from mainstream outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN a “media coverup as usual.”

The full event was live-streamed and posted to YouTube by Right Side Broadcasting Network.