Prostitute given tip of a primate, maybe linked to Girls Scout cookie money theft at pet store

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What do a Galago primate named Gooey, a prostitute, a stolen laptop and missing Girl Scout cookie jar money have in common?

The Eugene Police Department says these are all linked to the Zany Zoo Pet Store, and possibly to a man who tipped a prostitute with Gooey.


Let’s back up: Gooey, the laptop and the Girl Scout cookie money thefts were reported in early March. It’s unclear how much money was stolen from the cookie jar, and who reported either theft. The thefts both took place at the Zany Zoo Pet Store.

Meanwhile, investigators found Gooey, the primate, in the possession of an unnamed out-of-town prostitute in a local hotel on March 17th. Police said the woman cooperated with authorities and turned over the animal, who came from the Zany Zoo as well. She said the animal had been given to her as a tip for her services.


Then on March 19th, Nathan McClain, the owner of the Zany Zoo Pet Store, was arrested by Oregon State Police for a driving under the influence of a controlled substance. Police said they saw him exiting an adult sex shop next door and he appeared to be under the influence of methamphetamine.

In the course of their investigation, it was revealed that McClain had paid for the prostitute with store funds. He was arrested on April 14th and charged with soliciting a prostitute.


The burglaries are still under investigation, and the missing Girl Scout cookie money has not been recovered.

Gooey is being housed in an animal sanctuary under the USDA issues a new license for the Zany Zoo Pet Store.