Students across Georgia, and beyond, were arrested Monday after staging protests of the stateĀ Board of Regents' policies regarding undocumented students, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Undocumented students are barred from attending Georgia'sĀ top-5 most-competitive institutions, and are also disqualified from receiving in-state tuition at the rest of the state's public schools,Ā thanks to a 2010 Board ruling thatĀ students must be "legally present" in the U.S. to qualify for either.

A group of students have been attempting to sue the Board over those policies, arguing President Obama's Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals gave them proper legal status.Ā But on Monday,Ā Georgia's highest court ruled that undocumented students can'tĀ sue the Board to challenge the second policy,Ā the Augusta Chronicle reported, saying the students lacked standing.

Students mounted protests at 12 different universities, including five outsideĀ Georgia.Ā Kennesaw State student Amanda Harrell notedĀ Georgia gives in-state tuition to students from neighboring states, including Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and South Carolina.


ā€œItā€™s messed up. We canā€™t give in-state tuition to kids who have been here since they were 2 years old,ā€ she said.

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