Protesters shut down event with notorious troll Milo Yiannopoulos and pharma bro Martin Shkreli

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An event with notorious internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos and “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli was cancelled Friday night after protests erupted on the University of California, Davis campus.


The UC Davis College Republicans, which hosted the event, chose to cancel after university police were called to put up barricades amid increasingly heated protests. Protesters shouted “shut it down!” and blocked the doors so no one was able to get inside. People both for and against the event rallied for hours, and didn’t even believe when the event was cancelled, the local ABC affiliate reported.

But the university said that reports of broken windows or property damage were not correct, and there was no damage. Police arrested one person inside the venue and no other arrests were made.


"I am deeply disappointed with the events of this evening," Interim UC Davis Chancellor Ralph Hexter said in a statement. "Our community is founded on principles of respect for all views, even those that we personally find repellent."

Yiannopoulos, the tech editor of the conservative news site Breitbart, was permanently banned from Twitter after leading sexist and racist attacks against Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones. He said on his Facebook page that the event was cancelled after “violence from left-wing protestors.” Yiannopoulos has been on a college speaking tour and has been met with protests at other universities.

Early Saturday morning, Yiannopoulos posted on Facebook that he plans to march through the UC Davis campus later today with Martin Shkreli and the College Republicans to protest the cancellation of his event.

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