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I have a confession to make. Up until a few days ago, I was planning on going as Harley Quinn for Halloween and there's a good chance you were too.

According to Google's Frightgeist report, Harley wasn't just one of the more popular cosplay choices at this year's New York Comic Con, she's shaping up to be nearly everyone's Halloween costume of choice.

Nationally, Harley costumes are the most searched for by Google's metrics, closely followed by nondescript Star Wars and "superhero" outfits that one imagine involves capes and ill-fitting belts. Do yourself a favor and avoid these costumes.


Looking back through Google Trends, you can see that interest in psychoic Harlequin chic always spikes around Halloween time, but the jump in searches this year in particular shows a marked difference.

The exact reason as to why so many people want to dress up like the insane psyhiatrist is hard to pin down, but one imagines that it has a little something to do with her upcoming appearance in the Suicide Squad.

As far as costumes go, Harley's is fairly easy to pull off so long as you can get your hands on some clown makeup, a bit of colored hair spray, and a menacing looking bat.


That all being said, there are a couple other Gotham-adjacent looks that are just as easy to pull off. The New 52 Batgirl costume is badass and functional. Also, the Suicide Squad's Enchantress is legitimately terrifying and only requires a pentagram and a bathtub full of lawn clippings to bring to life.