Mark Millar
Mark Millar

Mark Millar's "Millarworld," the universe of characters he's created, is the birthplace of some of the past decade's most unconventional, genre-bending comic movies. 2008's Wanted  introduced corner-curving bullet shooting (which is impossible) and 2010's Kick-Ass proved that you don't need superpowers or billions of dollars worth of disposable income to be a hero. Millar's left his mark on the face of the comic book world and now he wants to help six new artists do the same by using his characters.

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Starting Monday, Millar will accept submissions from aspiring writers and artists interested in becoming a part of the comics industry. Six artists and six writers will be chosen, paired up in teams, and given the chance to create an original story featuring character's from the Millarworld. All six collaborations will be published as a series of one-shots in next year's  Annual Millarworld New Talent Showcase.

"I’ve always been very precious about letting other people do my creations so this is quite unusual, but I really do believe that the only way we can thrive as an industry is if new talent gets a chance," Millar posted to the Millarworld website. "We’re looking for full scripts for the following characters and, just like the artists, the people we select will be paid Marvel and DC starter rates."

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For non-industry folks, current starter rates shake out to be about $90/page for comics writers and $200 for artists. Millar plans to give the twelve chosen creators full access to all of the Millaworld's creative resources and all profits raised by the Showcase will be donated to the Hero Initiative, a charity that helps support comic book creators in need.

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