Psychotic Fox Segment Shows Undocumented Immigrants Getting Arrested on Live TV

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Leave it to Fox News to take the complex, emotionally wrenching issue of immigration, and twist it into three minute segment that played less like somber reporting on a serious issue and more like a ringside announcer calling a professional wrestling match.


With a chyron blaring “ILLEGALS ARRESTED AT THE BORDER,” Fox reporter Griff Jenkins offered a gushing play-by-play of Border Patrol officers arresting three undocumented men in the brush approximately one mile north of the Rio Grande river on Friday morning.

Jenkins breathlessly narrated:

This is just part of the absolute overwhelming numbers, is—we’re out here in literally 90 minutes we’ve chased what is now four groups—you can safely say, according to the agents here, that as many as 75 to 100 illegal aliens are actively trying to cross into the United States at this very moment, and this brave handful of border patrol agents are doing everything they can to stop ‘em, and try, and prosecute ‘em.

While the men arrested on camera were themselves allegedly caught crossing undocumented into the U.S., Jenkens didn’t waste the opportunity to slam migrant families seeking asylum at the border either, whining that their (totally legal) effort to claim asylum “takes these guys’ resources away.”

As Jenkins himself noted, “this is the sort of thing [Border Patrol agents are] dealing with every single day. This is business as usual”—an admission of mundanity that only highlights Fox’s brazen attempt to take something entirely ordinary and exploit it for maximum fear-mongering leverage. Oh, and Fox also managed to sprinkle in a few exaggerated shots of the newly constituted “migrant caravan” crossing through central America... 1,500 miles away.


President Donald Trump, meanwhile, is considering reviving his inhumane family separation policy, despite the fact that it’s seemingly done nothing to curb undocumented immigration levels thus far.

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