Queen Latifah just teased a 'Living Single' reboot and we are so excited

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Television networks have been eager to revamp some of the most beloved sitcoms lately. Some of them are actually good (like One Day At A Time), some of them are hit-and-miss (like Gilmore Girls), and some of them are getting renewed for a second season…for some reason (like Fuller House).


Now, Queen Latifah has revealed that a reboot of none other than Living Single, one of the best and most popular black sitcoms of the '90s, is in the works.

Latifah made the news while appearing Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live on Thursday night. “It’s not there yet, but hopefully we can get it happening,” Latifah told Cohen.


The revival of Living Single would include the original cast of Kim Coles, Erika Alexander, T.C. Carson, Mel Jackson, John Henton, and Kim Fields, according to Latifah.

It's a totally deserved reboot, but it got me thinking: Why can't I find the original Living Single anywhere? There's actually a decided lack of beloved black sitcoms on streaming services in general—and Living Single is part of that trend.

Latifah also brought up a topic she has mentioned before: the obvious similarities between Living Single and Friends. “There was a guy called Warren Littlefield, who used to run NBC, and they asked him, ‘When all the new shows came out, if there was any show you could have, which one would it be?’ And he said Living Single … And then he created Friends,” she said.

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