Quick Question, What's Up With This Pic of Trump's Bloodied, Bandaged Hand?

Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/AP

Last week, President Donald Trump went to Texas to talk about how much the country needs his dumb border wall. Now, inquiring minds what to know: What the hell was up with that bloodied bandage on his right hand during the trip?

Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

Maybe a simple (white) flesh-colored bandage wouldn’t raise many eyebrows, even on the hand of a man with 24-hour government protection. But if it looked innocuous in the photos above, look at just how bloody it is in the photo below, which Sean Hannity posted last week. In said photo—as Politico pointed out—Hannity ALSO has a bandage on his hand, but this one on his left.

When asked about the coincidence by the site, the Fox News host responded: “What? Do you think we colluded to have Band-Aids on?” Yes, sir! We certainly do!

As you might expect, Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a very normal explanation for Trump’s bloodied hand: He, at 72 years old, was roughhousing with his 12-year-old son Barron.


“The President was having fun and joking around with his son Barron and scratched his hand,” Sanders told Politico.

Sure thing, Sarah. My geriatric president found himself with a nasty scratch on his hand while joking around with his preteen son. Very likely. I might even subscribe to this explanation if it wasn’t for this photo taken while Trump talked to the press the morning of his departure for the border trip. Trump had clearly hurt his hand before talking with Hannity in Texas but was still bleeding pretty good during the Fox News spot, as evidenced by Hannity’s photo.

Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/AP

There are many possible explanations for this. Maybe Trump’s a scab picker who broke that thing open while anxiously waiting for his big boy TV moment. Or maybe Barron and his dad got to rough-housing on Air Force One, where the presidential hand got freshly banged up, which would explain the new-looking injury. It also feels uniquely unlikely to picture a man made of fast food actively playing with Barron, but who’s to say!


What we do know, however, is Trump’s bandage was still visible on Monday, but was “no longer present” later in the day, after Trump’s departure for New Orleans, Politico noted. Bandages? Flights to the South? Trump’s weird bloody hand? Hannity’s matching Band-Aid? Fight club?? Rest assured, we’re on the case.

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