Quiz: How well do you really know Hillary Clinton?

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The name “Hillary Clinton” is one of the most established in American politics. Only 6 percent of people don’t feel as if they’ve heard about her to form an opinion.

And yet — hard to believe — she’s been a household name for more than 30 years, starting with her husband Bill’s rise to become the chief executive of the state of Arkansas and, eventually, the United States. Hillary Clinton herself has been a first lady, a senator, a presidential candidate (in 2008) and, finally, a secretary of state.

Given her long and varied history, we thought it would be apt to test your true Hillary knowledge, as she runs for the highest office in the land again. Take our quiz below.


Brett LoGiurato is the senior national political correspondent at Fusion, where he covers all things 2016. He'll give you everything you need to know about politics, with a healthy side of puns.

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