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Anyone who’s seen American Hustle knows the 1970s were a pretty sexy time. Alex Comfort’s 1972 book The Joy of Sex hovered near the top of The New York Times bestseller list for over 70 weeksDeep Throat became the first pornographic movie to breakthrough to mainstream success. And Burt Reynolds…just existed.

If there was one literary establishment that could harness this post-Sexual Revolution energy into a goldmine of audience engagement, it was Cosmopolitan. Helmed by the legendary Helen Gurley Brown, author of Sex and the Single Girl, the magazine approached sex with a frankness that would, frankly, shock readers today.

Take, for example, this quiz from the June 1974 issue titled Are You Sexually Adventurous?, penned by a writer named Adrienne Small. At the top of the quiz in the print magazine, there is a photograph of a man and a woman sitting in a tree, completely naked. Also, the quiz addresses things like rape fantasies, letting a man pay to see you naked, and, um, a Mrs. Robinson-y act that is possibly illegal/generally gross by today’s standards.

Curious to see for yourself? We’ve recreated Small's quiz for you below! And if you wanna check out the original in all its glory (warning: NSFW), just scroll down.

From the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine's June 1974 edition:


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