R. Kelly just walked out of a live interview after being asked about his rape allegations

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Grammy-winning recording artist R. Kelly's been plagued with accusations of engaging in sexual relations with minors for over a decade. Though the artist was acquitted of all crimes in court, the accusations continue to follow him. In an interview promoting his new album on HuffPost Live, host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani posed a question to Kelly about 8:00 into the video below: "When you think about R. Kelly, I think people find it very difficult to not think about the multiple lawsuits, the multiple allegations, of you having inappropriate relations—sexual relations—with minors. What do you say to those people who find it conflicting?"

R. Kelly never directly answers the question, and proceeds to talk over Modarressy-Tehrani for the remaining ten or so minutes of the interview. While she presses Kelly for an answer, he becomes increasingly upset, eventually telling her she has just one final question at 16:30.


Around the 17:00 mark, Modarressy-Tehrani tells Kelly she has a video question from a fan. Kelly responds by saying, "You don't have no video question, because this interview is over. Alright, alright. Thank you so much, you're so beautiful."

"You don't have to comment on my appearance, sir," she replies.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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