Rabid Radio Bigot Wants LGBTQ People to Give the Rainbow Back to God (?)

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Bryan Fischer, the radio ghoul who thinks gay people caused the Holocaust, has located a sinister new form of cultural appropriation. He thinks it’s high time the LGBTQ community give credit where credit is due: To God, for inventing the rainbow.


Damn, good point. You see that light refracting off vaporized water molecules in the atmosphere? Give it back!


His comments came in response to the death of Gilbert Baker, designer of the LGBTQ community’s now-iconic rainbow flag.

By labeling the flag an act of “cultural appropriation,” Fischer (whose conservative American Family Association organization has had to disavow him, lest they be labeled an official hate group) has, in fact, committed the cardinal sin of playing one’s self. The biblical verses he cites actually describe God’s creation of the rainbow as an act of divine love, and a reminder to cherish human life.

But we didn’t really need the text to know that someone ranting at random queer people to give a group of colors back was maybe wrong, did we?

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