Here are some assumptions I’m willing to make about this man: he’s definitely into crypto. He probably lives in Murray Hill, and doesn’t understand why it gets such a bad rap. On the weekends, after CrossFit, he’ll meet his friends in Williamsburg for brunch, and make a remark about how glad he is that Brooklyn isn’t so sketchy anymore. You’ll see him out at a bar with friends, or checking his phone while on a date, or by himself. You’ll see him on Tinder or Grindr, where he gives not-so-subtle cues about the type of person he’s trying to meet. He never thanks his Uber driver. He answers the phone with, “Talk to me.” He is everywhere, and you can’t escape him.


If anything, this man is a good reminder that New York City, while more diverse than much of the country, is far from immune to bigotry. In situations like this, it’s up to New Yorkers—and white New Yorkers specifically—to hold their fellow residents accountable.

In conclusion: