A man on the New York City subway this weekend was caught on video in the midst of a racist and sexist rant that included him declaring his support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The man, dressed in white from head to toe, seemed to be upset that a woman had taken the last seat in the subway car.


"Worthless fucking stupid cunt. Donald Trump 2016," the man can be seen saying. "Put them back in the fucking fields where they belong."

The woman responds, "Yes, yes, cop that shit, cop that shit. Reveal exactly who you are."


The video, uploaded to YouTube on Saturday, appears to have been taken on a Manhattan-bound L train.

The following video contains expletives

"Put them back in the fucking fields where they belong," the man shouts.

Another video shows the end of the encounter:

"Stupid fucking arrogant bitch," he says.

Another woman, who seems to know the man, stands up and offers him her seat, saying, "You need to stop." But he declines the seat before saying, "She's too fucking stupid," going back to give the first woman the finger.


"Are you five years old?" the woman in the seat asks as the he's pulled away by his friend.

With Trump now confirmed as the Republican candidate to be America's next president, let's hope there aren't more examples like this of people emboldened by seeing their racist and sexist ideology reflected in his candidacy.