Racist Team Cursed

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The Washington Redskins, a professional football team named after an actual racial slur, fired their coach, because they are 0-5 this year. Well, of course they are.


If there is any sort of god in this universe, this team is cursed. You better fuckin believe it.

The year is 2019. The name of this team is the “Washington Redskins.” The fucking “Redskins.” Really?

This isn’t some obscure local yokel team in the recesses of the small town deep South. Also, the year is not 1959. This is the NFL franchise based in our nation’s capital, in 2019. And they call this shit—not making this up—the “Redskins.”

How the fuck did this happen?

The “Redskins?”

This team hasn’t won the Super Bowl in 27 years. And no wonder. The team is named after a racial slur. Do people not pick up on this?

Thousands of people routinely wear clothing branded with the term “Redskins.” Thousands more people walk around acting like such clothing is a “normal” thing to wear. Who are these people? We may never know.

Your racist team is cursed and will remain so until you change the name. You psychos.


Did you know there’s a major American sports franchise named the “Redskins?” Holy moly. Is this real?

That’s fucked up!

Senior Writer. Hamilton@SplinterNews.com