Racist White Woman Verbally Attacks Family for Speaking Spanish in Virginia Restaurant

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In yet another example of a racist white American feeling threatened by something they don’t understand, a woman in Lovettsville, VA, verbally harassed a family at a local restaurant because they were speaking Spanish in public.

NBC Washington broadcast a partial video of the profanity-laced tirade directed at a local resident whose relatives were visiting from Guatemala. While the victim, who asked that her name not be published, said she was justifiably upset, she was even angrier that the incident occurred in front of her 7-year-old daughter.

Her visiting relatives said the exchange made them never want to come back.

The victim and her family were dining at Andy’s restaurant when the woman demanded to see their passports, claiming “she knew everybody in Loudoun County to get us out of here,” the victim told NBC. The racist woman, who wasn’t identified in the report, demanded the family speak English.


“…[H]ow do you want them to speak English when they’re here just visiting?” the victim asked, prompting a barrage of profanity.

“You don’t freeload in this fucking country,” the woman responded. “You get the fuck out, back to your fucking country.”


Police were called, but no charges were filed, the report said.

“It’s not fair that they do this to us, and even less acceptable if there are children present,” the victim told NBC, explaining what should be common sense. “It’s not fair for any child to have to go through that. You just don’t do that.”


The exchange lasted more than 10 minutes, according to Telemundo 44. The restaurant’s owner said the perpetrator would not be welcome back.


The woman’s choice of words, “get the fuck out, back to your fucking country,” is quite ironic given the U.S.’ history of meddling in Guatemala’s affairs. In 1954, the CIA led a coup that overthrew Guatemala’s democratically elected president, Jacobo Árbenz, replacing him with a military dictatorship. That led to a brutal civil war six years later that lasted 36 years and claimed the lives of over 200,000 people—roughly 100 times the population of Lovettsville.

Since then, tens of thousands of Guatemalans have fled economic misery and gang violence, from gangs imported in the 1980s from the United States, and from drug cartel violence, created by the U.S.’ insatiable demand for cocaine.


So, no, racist white lady, you get the fuck outta here.

Watch the partial video and news report here.