Chris Christie, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the new inside-the-presidency book Double Down all came up in an interview between Rahm Emanuel and Jorge Ramos on Wednesday.

Ramos asked Emanuel if Chris Christie’s good showing with Latino and women voters might make him a threat to Clinton in a potential presidential election matchup.

“Both Christie and Governor-elect McAuliffe ran as pragmatists, problem solvers, who can roll up their sleeves and get things done,” Emanuel said on “AMERICA with Jorge Ramos.” “That stands thematically in contrast to the dysfunction and ideological approach in Washington. That’s what I think happened.”

“Governor Christie has a long time between now and the election,” Emanuel continued. “We have a long time as a country between now and 2016, and I actually think you can’t even talk about 2016 until you actually see what the next three years — if they are like the last three months, my view is that the Republican Party is in serious trouble.”

The exchange about Double Down, a recently released book looking at the 2012 presidential election, focused on the Obama’s choice of running mate.


“Let me ask you about this book just released, Double Down,” Ramos asked. “It was revealed that your replacement in the White House, Bill Daley, considered switching out Vice President Biden for Hillary Clinton for the 2012 ticket. Were you consulted? Was that a good idea?

In response, Emanuel said Biden has been a “great vice president” and defended his record.

“I can’t speak to what the book talked about, what Bill Daley said or didn’t say, the fact is the vice president has been unbelievably loyal to the president, and has been a great partner in seeing the president’s foreign policy and domestic policy through,” Emanuel said.