Ralph Northam Is Still Governor Somehow???

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It’s been three days since the general public learned of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s astonishingly racist yearbook page, but yet despite calls for his resignation from, well, pretty much everybody, Northam is still somehow in office.


Northam—who insisted during an utter demolition derby of a press conference on Saturday that he was not one of the two men pictured wearing blackface or a KKK robe in his yearbook photo—instead spent his Sunday meeting with advisors and confidants while resisting the growing demand that he get the fuck out of the governor’s mansion. He has vowed to prove his innocence, going so far as to reportedly consider using facial recognition software to demonstrate that he is not in the racist photograph (he did, however, admit to darkening his face for a Michael Jackson costume contest the same year the yearbook photo was published).

While Northam is still allegedly “weighing” an eventual resignation, his inner circle is reportedly scrambling to get the hell out of his orbit before it’s too late. According to the Washington Post:

At least one senior staffer and one Cabinet member have reached out to private firms about job possibilities, according to a person who was approached by the two.

Making matters worse for Northam is an allegation on Sunday from the black-lead Collective PAC, which accused the governor of actively working to undermine Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who would become Virginia’s second black governor should Northam resign.

On early Monday morning, Fairfax issued a strongly worded denial of a thinly sourced allegation that he’d sexually assaulted a woman at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.


Tellingly, Fairfax was reportedly not present during Northam’s Sunday meeting with advisors. On Monday morning, Northam was scheduled to meet with both his cabinet and other administration officials, according to the Post.

It remains to be seen how long Northam thinks he can hold out as Governor, and what, exactly, he thinks he can accomplish if he stays in office. Stay tuned!

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