Rampant Rabbit Gets Religious With The Rampant Rabbi

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There has been quite some buzz going on in Britain lately surrounding the name of a sex toy. Yes, a sex toy.

Jewish comic, Shed Simove, 42, attempted to trademark the pocket rocket he designed and named the "Rampant Rabbi."

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

According to the product page, the toy promises to be "a religious experience." Unfortunately, UK-based lingerie and sex toy shop, Ann Summers, isn't so tickled. They argue the name "Rampant Rabbi" is too similar to their own adult product, the "Rampant Rabbit" and they had the trademark application denied.

But maybe that's a good thing considering rabbit is not Kosher.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The man behind the toys.

The self-described "comedian, entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker," told UK-based The Daily Star, "I can't trademark it but I'm still using the name. I don't think there is any confusion between the products."


Though he doesn't own the name, perhaps the consolation prize is all of the attention Simove has gotten lately. He seems to be really proud of all of the various controversies he's been the center of in the past, this seems like just another notch on his belt.

The toy is priced at £99 (about $160), but you may be able to score one for free. If you're looking for a "flexible working position," Masturpieces is looking for a few good sex toy testers. You can apply on his website.

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