Read an excerpt from the 'Fight Club 2' comic book, coming in May

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Your high school boyfriend's favorite book about angry Gen X dudes pounding each other's faces (because of materialism, or something) is getting a sequel.

The novel Fight Club debuted in 1996, with the David Fincher-directed movie adaptation following soon after in 1999. Now, author Chuck Palahniuk has collaborated with artist Cameron Stewart and Dark Horse Comics to create Fight Club 2, to be released May 27.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

A decade later, the unnamed narrator is coping with a dysfunctional marriage to Marla Singer, a prescription drug addiction, a receding hairline, and a young son who dabbles in homemade explosives when the babysitter isn't looking.

The first six pages of Fight Club 2 have been published on Read them here.

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