Real Future has merged with Gizmodo

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We launched Real Future almost two years ago to tell stories about the ways in which technology is changing both the world we live in and us.

We made a TV show. We met in meat space at our events. And we unearthed fascinating stories, about tinkering with our bodies; about digging up and erasing our pasts; about friendship hive minds; about technology surfacing, absorbing and challenging racism; and about the problems when digital and real worlds collide. Our larger mission, as part of Fusion, was to explore stories that helped keep our audience's eyes wide to the promise, peril, joy and despair of technology.

This summer, our parent company Univision bought Gizmodo Media Group (formerly known as Gawker Media Group). Its flagship tech publication, Gizmodo, has been plumbing these depths since 2002. Its motto is, "We come from the future," and so we decided it makes sense for us to join forces to explore and define that future together.


As of this month, Real Future has merged with Gizmodo, and you'll now find our stories there, with events and video to come. We look forward to seeing you there.

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