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There are many, many reasons to start freaking out at the possibility that we might be heading toward a global recession—a scenario made all the more terrifying by the fact that Donald freaking Trump is the one with his greasy ravioli fingers on America’s economic tiller. But, while experts sound the alarms at the prospect, the White House and Fox News have settled on a depressingly predictable villain to blame for a possible recession: the media.


“It’s so obvious what they’re doing!” Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt whined on Monday morning. “They do not want him to win again and they don’t like that the economy is doing well, apparently.”

“There is no economic data out there that suggests we are on the cusp of a recession,” Fox Business host Charles Payne agreed. “The bottom line is it seems to be a deliberate attempt by many people to make this economy go into recession.”

Later, Earhardt doubled down on her media-driven recession conspiracy theory, claiming “the media is here saying ‘recession recession recession’ knowing that this is going to be a big issue for Americans when they go to the polls next year.”

“Do they want a recession?,” Earhard mused a few minutes after that.

Top White House advisor Kellyanne Conway got in on the fun, telling Fox (of course) that: “It’s nice to have the mainstream media finally covering the economy, but they only cover it when they can use Sesame’s Grover word of the day: recession.”


“The fundamentals are very strong,” Conway boasted, using a phrase that will in no way come back to haunt her.

Even Trump seems eager to believe the warning signs of a possible economic collapse are simply part of a massive clandestine effort to make him look bad. Last week the president tweeted that “The Fake News Media is doing everything they can to crash the economy,” and has reportedly been “insisting that his critics are trying to take away what he sees as his calling card for re-election,” according to the New York Times.


Of course, signs of a possible recession, no matter how overwhelming they may appear, do not mean one is absolutely coming. Maybe we’ll get lucky and dodge the bullet. But, if we don’t, and the economy does pull a painful u-turn, we can all rest easy knowing the president and his pals have identified the real culprit here.

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