Reddit DJ Makes Dubstep Drops More Bearable

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As a new resident of Miami, I’ve been exposed to a lot of electronic dance music (or “EDM” as the kids call it). On most days, I can drive around town with my window rolled down and some dude-bro driving a BMW is blasting Skrillex’s latest and greatest jam. Existential philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre had it wrong. Hell is not other people. Hell is other people who listen to dubstep.


That’s why I was incredibly pleased when I came across Reddit user mrdivino, a former DJ who shares my disdain for commercial EDM. On Wednesday night, mrdivino took to r/funny, a subcategory of the large social news site, to lament on the status of today’s popular music.

“As a former DJ I hate how most electronic dance music [is] all about the drop now,” he lamented. “To make fun of it, I set out to produce the worst drops of all time.”

He wasn’t lying. In his post he included a link to his Soundcloud page, which hosts some of the most hilarious musical content I’ve heard in ages. What this genius has done is take some of the most popular EDM culminations and replaced the drop with something equally unexpected and hilarious. As a bonus, he also gave his tracks brilliant titles.

Here, for example, is “A Drop so Epic a Bunch of NYU Bros Already Bought a 3 Day Pass For It.”

Great, right? Check out “A Drop So Euphoric That Your Landlord Will Turn Into a Kitten.”


Mrdivino’s magical mashups have been met with massive approval on Reddit. They’ve amassed more than 2,500 karma points—the site’s currency—and rightly so. Dubstep/EDM is a terrible musical genre that can only be enjoyed with psychotropic drugs. Also, get off my lawn, kids.


You can check out the rest of mrdivino’s work here.

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