Reebok sold Ellen Ripley’s badass kicks from ‘Alien’—but only in men's sizes

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Thirty-seven years ago, Ellen Ripley became one of the most iconic sci-fi heroines of all time as she battled against the Xenomorph aliens in Ridley Scott's Alien. In Aliens, the sequel to Alien, Ripley does battle with the Xenomorphs once again on their home planet, the exomoon Acheron LV-426.

In celebration of Alien Day (4/26,) Reebok recently announced its plans to release an extremely limited run of the ridiculously cool, post-apocalyptic sneakers that Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver, wore in the original film. Today, 426 pairs of high-top replicas styled after Ripley's own kicks went on sale on Reebok's website for $174.99 a pop and while the sneakers were undoubtedly cool, there was one glaring problem with them: they only came in men's sizes 6-13, meaning that most women wouldn't be able to wear them.

Just in case there was any confusion: Ellen Ripley was a woman who, assuming she had the same she size as the actress who portrayed her, could not fit most of these shoes.


While there's something to be said for the fact that the shoes could probably be worn by some women, professional cosplayer Yaya Han took issue with the fact that the products had been explicitly marketed as being for guys despite being originally designed for a woman.


As The Mary Sue points out, it would have been hard for anyone to even get their hands on a pair of the shoes considering that only 36 pairs were even available for purchase here in the U.S. That said, female fans have every right to cosplay as a badass alien slayer as male fans do.